Motorcycle LED Light Kit - Multi-Color

$79.99 $129.99 -39% OFF

Motorcycle LED Light Kit - Multi-Color

$79.99 $129.99 -39% OFF

Get ready to turn heads with the Multi-Color LED Accent Lighting Kit for motorcycles! This kit is the perfect addition to any rider who wants to add a touch of style and illumination to their ride.

Custom Motorcycle LED Lighting - Plug and Play

With the Multi-Color LED Accent Lighting Kit, you can customize the look of your motorcycle with ease. This kit includes high-quality LED strips that come in a range of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect shade to match your bike's aesthetic. Best of all, no soldering required. Just plug and play.

Wireless Remotes Included 

The kit also includes a wireless remote control, giving you the ability to adjust the lighting effects, color, and brightness from a distance. With various lighting effects to choose from, including flashing, strobing, and fading, you can create a unique ambiance and make your motorcycle stand out in a crowd.

Tough, Waterproof LED Accent Light Strips for Motorcycles

The LED strips are designed to withstand tough outdoor conditions, ensuring that they'll last for many rides to come. The kit is also energy-efficient, so you can enjoy the bright and vibrant lighting without worrying about draining your motorcycle's battery.

High Visibility on the Road

The Multi-Color LED Accent Lighting Kit is a versatile accessory for any motorcycle rider, whether you're cruising down the highway or showing off your bike at a local event. Not only will it enhance your bike's appearance, but it will also increase your visibility on the road and make your ride safer.

Our Multi-Color LED Accent Lighting Kit is the perfect accessory for any motorcycle rider who wants to add a touch of style and safety to their ride. With its customizable colors, wireless remote control, and durable design, you can transform your motorcycle into a head-turning masterpiece. Order your kit today and get ready to light up the road!

Video of Our Motorcycle LED Lights in Action

What's Included?

  • 12 Multi-Colored/color-changing waterproof LED light strips
  • LED Light Strip Lengths: 4x 4 inch, 4x 8 inch, and 4x 12 inch
  • Inline solderless plug-and-play connectors
  • Wireless remotes
  • Battery terminal connectors
  • Inline Fuse Holder with fuse
  • Wire Ties

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stuart duncan
Best lights ever

Love the lights very bright I had a problem with few of the lights and they fixed the problem very fast they are a kick ass company

Damn Bright

No joke these lights are very bright on my GSXR. Shipping was faster than Amazon and the kit was easier to install than I thought.

Do it yourself

My 1st time with any lighting and it went rather well. I ordered the kit and changed things up a bit and turned out really nice. I would order more if I ever let this bike go get another.

Premium RGB LED Light Strips

Each LED light strip is built to last and backed with Illumimoto's limited lifetime warranty. You are getting the best and brightest LED lights on the market today.

Remote Controlled LED Lighting

Every multi-color LED lighting kit comes with a key fob and separate remote control with features to change light colors, strobe modes and more. Our lights can even beat to music!

Flexible and Waterproof

Illumimoto LED light strips are fully waterproof and built with the highest quality LEDs that are flexible to fit any application.

Everything You Need for an Easy Installation

Each kit comes with 12 LED lights in different sizes to fit your needs as well as all the wiring and connectors for a successful installation. No soldering required!

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