Golf Cart LED Light Kit

$79.99 $129.99 -39% OFF

Golf Cart LED Light Kit

$79.99 $129.99 -39% OFF

Introducing our Multi-Color LED Accent Lighting Kit for Golf Carts, the perfect addition to take your golf cart to the next level. This kit includes everything you need to add vibrant and customizable LED lighting to your cart, allowing you to create a personalized and eye-catching look that will turn heads on the golf course or around the neighborhood.

Super Bright LEDs Let You Make a Statement on the Course

The kit features high-quality LED lights that are easy to install and operate, making it a perfect DIY project for golf cart enthusiasts of all levels. The lights are available in a range of colors and can be customized to suit your preferences, giving you complete control over the look and feel of your cart.

Waterproof Design

With its waterproof and durable construction, this lighting kit is designed to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting performance. Whether you're driving through rain, mud, or dust, you can be confident that your lights will continue to shine bright and provide the perfect accent to your golf cart.

High Visibility and Efficiency

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this lighting kit also offers practical benefits, such as increased visibility and safety on the golf course or in low-light conditions. With its low power consumption and long lifespan, you can enjoy the benefits of this lighting kit for years to come.

Upgrade your golf cart with our Multi-Color LED Accent Lighting Kit and take your riding experience to the next level. With its easy installation, customizable options, and reliable performance, this kit is a must-have for any golf cart enthusiast.

Easy Solderless Installation

Illumimoto Golf Cart LED Light Kits are easy to install with no soldering required. Each connection is plug and play with straightforward installation.

What's Included?

  • 12 Multi-Colored/color-changing waterproof LED light strips
  • LED Light Strip Lengths: 4x 4 inch, 4x 8 inch, and 4x 12 inch
  • Inline solderless plug-and-play connectors
  • Wireless remotes
  • Battery terminal connectors
  • Inline Fuse Holder with fuse
  • Wire Ties



Premium RGB LED Light Strips

Each LED light strip is built to last and backed with Illumimoto's limited lifetime warranty. You are getting the best and brightest LED lights on the market today.

Remote Controlled LED Lighting

Every multi-color LED lighting kit comes with a key fob and separate remote control with features to change light colors, strobe modes and more. Our lights can even beat to music!

Flexible and Waterproof

Illumimoto LED light strips are fully waterproof and built with the highest quality LEDs that are flexible to fit any application.

Everything You Need for an Easy Installation

Each kit comes with 12 LED lights in different sizes to fit your needs as well as all the wiring and connectors for a successful installation. No soldering required!

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